CSSMate - Online CSS Editor

Quick Start

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The CSS editor is divided into 5 areas:

Menu (on top)
List of available attribute sets/topics

Input controls to set the properties

Selection Values
List of available values for the current input control

Preview of the current style

Textarea showing the resulting CSS code

Use the menu to select the type of parameter you want to change. Enter the values into the attributes area.

If available you can select a value from the list supplied in the selection area.

Most settings are immediately visible in the preview and code area.

Font selection is somehow special. Clicking on a font shows a preview underneath the list box. Dubbleclicking adds the font to the 'font familiy' textbox. Like all others You can edit this text box manually as well.

To get the resulting code simply use cut and paste from the code text area.
You can also paste existing code into the code text area.

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